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Queen bee with royal court!

We took this photo of the queen bee in the honeybee colony we manage in our apiary late last year surrounded by her royal court. This is an encounter that we try to introduce new beginner beekeepers to on our bee course near Midrand. Check bee courses out Now!

Bee WARE Supplies Bee tools, Equipment & Bee Info !

Passionate about keeping bees and making honey we have worked hard to bring beekeeping to the forefront of crop farmers, government and various entities for rural development. Get Bee Ware Price list now by signing up to our articles. Visit the SHOP now!

We supply almost everything to do with beekeeping: bee hives, queen excluders, bee smokers, hive tools, bee suits, bee gloves, leather gloves, honey tanks, settling tanks, honey extractors, bee escapes, refractometers and more! Operating since 2004, we mainly deal online with mail orders & NOW a Retail store in Centurion!

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Ripe Raw Honey comb ready to harvest

I visited an apiary late last year to discover this prime ripe raw honey comb with white cappings - the reward that beekeepers love.




Welcome to Bee WARE, we supply bee tools, bee info and honey harvesting equipment. Our focus is on promoting beekeeping and skills development for the beekeeping industry in South Africa and Africa in the agricultural business sector.

The promotion and development areas are:

  • Hobby and Professional Beekeepers locally and in neighbouring countries
  • Bee info, bee courses, bee books & bee DVD
  • Retail Space for Customers to Browse Bee tools in store in Centurion
  • Retail products such as beeswax candles, beeswax creams
  • Promoting beekeeping in agri-business sector, private sector
  • Food security and biodiversity through pollination services, keeping bees
  • Supplying quality beekeeping suits, bee equipment and education

We supply beekeeping goods, bee info products and bee course via our online store!

Beekeeping News - 5th January 2015

We prepare to Kick off January 2015!

We wish everyone a fantastic fabulous new year! We have new stock of honey extractors and frame spacers, bee smokers, metal queen excluders and honey settling tanks!

6th OCTOBER 2014

It's our MONTH to prepare for the HONEY HARVEST! Make sure you get your orders in for bee hives and trap boxes and wax sheets now so you can be ready for coming nectar flow and swarming season!

Honey Extractors are now available on pre-order only! We do have only 3 x 6-frame extractors left in stock!

We have MOVED to our new home in Eco Square Centre, next to Eco Boulevard shopping centre, in Centurion. Our new address is 298 Witch Hazel Avenue, Eco Square, Unit # 20 [top right corner] in Eco Park, Centurion just off John Vorster drive.

We have new authorised dealers in Cape Town, East London & Brits/Rustenberg & Zimbabwe.

Very excited to announce that we are now open longer hours and even on Saturdays until noon.

We are OPEN 5th January 2015!

Monday - Friday

THE SHOP IS OPEN 09h00 - 16h00

from Monday to Friday!

Saturdays 09h00 -12h00


For reference material, we present our very own Practical Beekeeping bee book set with 2 bonus reports and a secret bonus report too!

The Blue Book provides amazing full colour pictures and contains over 280pgs of Beekeeping in South Africa knowledge, bee info and pollintation tables.

"Hi Warrick, Wow...first time I've heard of that tracking site...excellent! Thank you for all your help, I will most defiantly be in touch again. Will also let you know once all has arrived. Kind regards ~ Rob" 2015-11-15



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Start beekeeping now with our in-house set of eBooks available in English and Afrikaans.

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