Bee hives

Bee hives are the mainstay of keeping bees.

The standard Langstroth bee hive design

revolutionised the management of the apiary.

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  • Super chamber Assembled
    Super chamber Assembled with 10 frames with WAX STRIPS only and wire. Treated with Waksol. Ready for the field. Single supers sold separately.
  • Metal Queen excluders
    Metal Queen excluders with rods and a rim.
  • Plastic Queen excluders
    Plastic Queen excluders
  • Langstroth Bee hive...
    Langstroth bee hive assembled with all frames included with wire & wax STRIPS only. Bee Hives made from SA Pine components treated with waksol protection.
  • Catch boxes for bees
    Catch boxes for bees or nuc boxes are made up of 5 or 6 frames in a trap box used to attract trekking swarms. Made from plywood and with all frames wired and wax strips and the components protected by waksol these catch boxes are best suited for attracting bee swarms.
  • Bee Pak hives
    Bee Pak hives are made of composite plastic
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Showing 13 - 21 of 21 items
Showing 13 - 21 of 21 items