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Bee WARE has been operating since 2004 as the trading name for Hollow Space Creations cc. We support beekeeping in the SADC region with a focus on promoting, marketing and supplying beekeeping info, tools, equipment and books & more.

Our team

Warrick has been keeping bees for almost 10 years and started out with a beekeeping project that began with Rotary in the club of Midrand. Since then, Warrick realised a need for better equipment and consistent supply of such equipment to a growing number of interested parties getting involved with beekeeping.

Louise began her work with us in December 2012 and continues to grow her understanding of the beekeeping industry as well as serve the customers with enthusiasm.


Our mission is about food security and biodiversity. Bees and managing quality bee colonies create opportunities for both of our company's goals for customers, farmers, hobbyists, private and government projects as well.

We provide high quality beekeeping equipment, beekeeping tools, bee hives, bee suits and honey processing equipment. Our Beginner course called the EASY Buzzing Beekeeping Course runs just about monthly year round providing and disseminating skills and knowledge with regards to keeping bees for beginners.

We aim to offer more advanced course in the coming year for 2014 with a focus on commercialising operations while keeping bees. This is an exciting development from being a hobbyist or enthusiast which can generate significant income flows. The benefits to farmers and even consumers are phenomenal.

Both yield and fruit set increase when bees are allowed to pollinate crops and orchards of most kinds around the country and continent and indeed the world. Education is key and promotion through 3rd parties as well as our forum and network we have developed over the last 9 years.