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Langstroth Bee hive


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Langstroth Bee hive - *Shipping not included*

Woodern bee hives with aluminium lid, floor, super, brood & all frames wax stripped and wired. Treated with waksol.

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R999 tax incl.

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Height weighs est. 18kg
Width waksol treated
Depth frames wired & wax strips
Weight aluminium lid
Headphone ready for field
Bee Suits queen excluder not included

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Langstroth Bee hive - *shipping not included**

Woodern bee hives with aluminium lid, floor, super, brood & all frames wax stripped and wired. Treated with waksol.

The mainstay of a beekeeper's equipment. You need beehives to keep bees. There are many different ways of doing this for example, using clay pots, logs, bark and so many more. The generally accepted bee hive used conventionally is the Langstroth bee hive.

Preference is paramount again. There are a few parts that make a conventional Langstroth hive: the base, the brood, the super, 10 frames in each, a queen excluder (not included -R70 extra) and finally the lid.

Delivery or shipping is not included. If not collected from the shop in Centurion shipping will be applied.

We have had to increase our prices on both types of bee hives since we have not had increases for over 2 years! Costs as you can imagine have risen. We cannot hold the previous prices any longer!

All of our beehives are treated with Waksol which is a natural weather protection and also acts as honeybee attractant when placed in direct sun. Within 2 -3 days in a bee friendly area you should have a new colony move in to one of our bee hives in the spring/summer season! Weight as it stands = 18kg

All bee hive frames are wired and have wax strips. The lid is actually covered with aluminium sheeting.

The Jackson bee hive holds 25 FULL BROOD FRAMES!

This means it is equivalent to a full langstroth plus an additional brood chamber which would be a value of R560 plus 2 x R340 per super! Plus the queen excluder all coming to a total of R2175.

In order to provide the same amount of bee space to work in as the Jackson hive the Langstroth bee hive requires much more volume. The unique design of the Jackson hive makes it provide up to 2x the honey harvest than a Langstroth hive.

The frames are made in such a way as not to break like Langstroth bee hives. Thus saving the beekeeper money in repairs and maintenance costs. Weight of Jackson beehive at empty is 8Kg.

Unfortunately, the Jackson hive is discontinued as the supplier passed away Jan 2012.

We can send Assembled bee hives anywhere in South Africa within 5 working days by courier order from *R240 postage extra per hive.


Got the Hive you're looking for?

Start with a brood chamber, 10 frames with wax foundation, a base and a lid. One can go the whole hog and get the full deal. The complete assembled hive. REMEMBER!

The frames are all wired & have WAX STRIPS only!

This does not include the queen excluder - SOLD SEPARATELY for R85 excl p+p .

You can expect to have foundation wax strips in both chambers, 10 frames per chamber. You can use creosote to treat your hives. You can also use Bitumen Silver Enamel paint. Or do both. Be sure to use the correct creosote as some do contain contaminants.

We have opted for the Waksol treatment of our bee hives. This means the bee hives are dunked into a vat of melted bees wax and submerged for 3 minutes. The closest method to having a natural beehive and the best as far as food grade honey goes.

Also leave your beehives to dry and air properly before transferring a colony into it. Frames usually come standard. You can make your own. Do not treat these.

You can and it is recommended that you put wax foundation sheets on the frames. You can also use Pollen traps and feeders with your hives. Feeders are used while wintering your colonies. It is also important that your frames have wire. These offer support to the wax comb when fully built and assists when inspecting hives to stabilise comb.

A queen bee excluder is necessary in the Langstroth bee Hive as it prevents the queen bee from moving between the brood and super chambers. Thus you have brood in the bottom chamber and surplus honey in the super chamber. Workers can move easily between the metal wire.

The Jackson bee hive utilises a different approach when it comes to managing the brood and honey storage. The Jackson hive has shown up to 30% more yield however when compared to Langstroth bee hives. Check the two photos below to see the different styles.

Jackson hiveBee hive                   Langstroth bee hive Vs. Jackson Hive













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Langstroth Bee hive

Langstroth Bee hive

Langstroth Bee hive - *Shipping not included*

Woodern bee hives with aluminium lid, floor, super, brood & all frames wax stripped and wired. Treated with waksol.