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Honey Knife - medium

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Honey Knife - medium

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Honey Knife - medium

When harvesting honey it is a good idea to uncap the ripe honey which is sealed with a little capping of wax.

This capping prevents the honey from being contaminated as well as ensuring that it is sealed when ripe. Honey is hydroscopic so it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. The capping prevents any further absorbtion after it is made ripe with the exact amount of water content which is usually around 18% and can be tested by a refractometer.

In order to properly remove the honey however in a spinner or honey extractor we need to remove the cappings so the honey will flow out using the centrifugal force of the spinning frames.

To do so, a number of different items can be used. This honey knife is one of them. It is not electric and so you can heat it up using a hot plate or a hot bucket of boiling water nearby. Dip the knife into the hot water, wipe with a dry clean cloth and start cutting the cappings off.

Place the cappings into a separate bowl and these can be filtered again and the cappings are prime GRADE A beeswax usually reserved for cosmetic use.




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Honey Knife - medium

Honey Knife - medium

Honey Knife - medium