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Propolis Tray


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Propolis Tray for harvesting propolis

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Propolis Tray for harvesting propolis

Propolis is a medicinal substance that bees use to keep their hive and all surfaces inside hygienic and clean.

It also has antibacterial properties as well as antimicrobial properties. This has led to the use of propolis in medicine and treatment of numerous ailments and wounds around the world. If more people used propolis in their everyday treatment of ailments and wounds, there would be a lot less doctors needed in the world and ESPECIALLY a lot less pharmaceutical medication too.

Propolis is traditionally used for treatment of wounds, sores, eczema as well as a tincture for flu, infections and oral hygiene.

When using the propolis tray to harvest proplis, you place the propolis tray just underneath the lid of the hive! This works to your advantage in 2 ways:

  1. You do not NEED an inner lid to keep the bees from building what is called bhur comb or unwanted honey comb underneath the lid if you leave your bees unattended for too long and they are forced to utilise this space. The propolis tray will act as an inner lid forcing the bees to close the spaces between the gaps with propolis 
  2. You also get propolis in a manageble way using the propolis tray method. The bees fill the gaps with propolis and when it is full you remove the entire propolis tray, place it inside the freezer until frozen solid and then remove it and while holding over a plastic sheet or newspaper you twist it and the propolis just breaks off and falls to the surface.


Nw you have safely harvested propolis which is clean and ready to be used in home made tinctures, salves and creams.


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Propolis Tray

Propolis Tray

Propolis Tray for harvesting propolis