Bee brushes for beekeepers in Africa

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Bee Brushes

Another basic beekeeping tool. Every time you go to a hive, to inspect internally, you will end up brushing bees either off frames or off you. The honeybee shouldn't be injured by the bee brush with soft bristles and unique design.

It is normal practice for beekeepers to work in teams for safety and speed. Once you complete your work at the bee hive you should use the bee brush to remove any honeybees on your team member's back or bee veil. Your team member should do the same for you!

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Bee Brushes in Africa

Bee brushes

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"As I was placing my stunning new beehives on their new locations,  another swarm just arrived so please make it 2 new beehives for the 25th FEB. If we can have them ready & post them on the 25th, they may arrive sooner rather than later. " ~ Sha Ara

Directions - GPS: S 25.87756 E 028.17355

Product Profile - Bee Brushes

Bee brushes
1 - Moves the bees
Wooden handle


Postage R110

2 - Clears bees from beekeeper
3 - Moves bees off frames
Horse hair
Bee equipment


We provide bee brushes with wooden handles and soft bristles that assist in not damaging or injuring the honey bee as you try to remove it. To maintain a bee brush is fairly easy but ensure you wash it with water after each honey bee hive inspection.

The maintenance keeps the bee brush bristles from becoming hard and sticking together. this could cause injuring to bees in future.

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More about Bee brushes

For R70, there are different types of bee brushes to choose from. We stock only one type with a wooden handle and soft bristles.

Our equipment is designed by a beekeeper and is of high quality. Feel free to request products not on our list here to be made available...


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