Beeswax Candles for Africa !

We hand roll pure beeswax candles & we hand mould pure beeswax candles in our shop in Centurion. We can ship or freight anywhere in South Africa so please enquire about shipping costs if needed.

Pure Bees wax candles

Pure beeswax candles burn longer and emit no smoke while they burn.

pure beeswax candles

We roll the beeswax candles in Centurion so they are 100% handmade natural beeswax candles available in store! They have the natural beeswax pattern from the bee hive which gives them an amazing look and feel.

We have wholesale prices for 60pcs or more and retail price is R35 per candle. The beeswax candles are 10 - 20cm in height and 2-3cm in diameter. We can make other sizes and lengths on enquiry.

Standard size:

  • 10 -20cm in height
  • 2cm in width or diameter
  • burns for over 3hrs (rolled candles) and over 10 hours for hand poured candles
  • no smoke emitted
  • wonderful hexagonal shape from the bee hive
  • can be packaged with swig of flowers and raffia

Available at the Bee WARE Retail store in Centurion or via mail order / courier.

Bee wax candles

Beeswax Candle prices excl. postage
pure beeswax candles
pure beeswax candles
pure beeswax candles
pure beeswax candles
Size: 10-12cm
Size: 10-12cm
Size: 19-20cm
Size: 10-12cm
Sunflower with bee
Cris Cross
Tall with bees
Christmas Cone
Hand poured candle
Hand poured candles
hand poured candle
hand poured candle
Price: R60
Price: R60
Price: R130
Price: R80
Burns atleast 10 hours Burns atleast 10 hours Burns atleast 15 hours Burns atleast 10 hours

Client feedback

Hi there,

"An amazing experience using these pure beeswax candles for my meditation everyday. they burn longer and smell good while doing it! ~ Deb


Product Profile - Handmade Pure Beeswax candles

Pure Beeswax candles
1 - Clean - no smoke
Standard Candle

R35 each

Postage R70

2 - Burns for longer than other candles
Good candle wick
3 - Special hexagonal shape pattern
Rolled by hand
Pure beeswax candles


Solid Pure Beeswax Candles for Africa !

These pure beeswax candles are solid and stand 50mm x 300mm in size.

They range in price from R60 - R130 each per candle. They will burn for over 10 hrs at least with no smoke and no odour. Perfect for meditation, churches and synagogues.

Pure Beeswax Candles


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