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Beekeeping Starter Kit Package

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BeeWare would like to introduce the Beekeeper Starter Kit for all hobby or beginner beekeepers. Some items mentioned below will not be included in our package however may come in handy at some time or another during your beekeeping life.

Our Beekeeping Starter Kit - Langstroth Pack

  • Langstroth Bee hive x 2 (includes aluminium lid, floor base, brood & super chamber, frames all wax stripped and wired, weather protected)
  • Bee Ware's full beekeeping suit with detachable veil [up to] size XL
    • there is a small additional fee per size above XL
  • Hive tool
  • Smoker with heat guard
  • Bee gloves with material arms to the elbow
  • Queen excluders x 2 only included with starter kit
  • SAVE R215!

Beekeeping Starter Kit [xl bee suit only] Price: R4250 -Postage not included

|Postage estimated at R680 outside of Gauteng|

Beekeeping starter kit

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Client feedback

Hi there,

"As I was placing my stunning new beehives on their new locations,  another swarm just arrived so please make it 2 new beehives for the 25th FEB. If we can have them ready & post them on the 25th, they may arrive sooner rather than later. " ~ Sha Ara


Product Profile - Bee Starter Kit - Save R215!

Bee Starter Kit
Price - save R215!
1 - Houses the bees
2x Langstroth bee hives


Postage R690*

Save R215!

2 - Calms the honeybees
Bee smoker with heat guard
3 - Keeps queen bee out
2x Queen excluder
4 - Opens hives, frames
Steel Hive tool
5 - Protects beekeeper from bees
up to XXL Size Bee Suit
6 - Moves bees off frames & protect hands from bee stings
Bee Gloves
Bee gloves


We recommend a beekeeping starter kit for those people wanting to start beekeeping and aren't sure what is essential bee equipment and what is extra sales pitch type stuff.

We DO NOT include the Blue book but it would really be necessary bee info reference material in our opinion for anyone wanting to start beekeeping in South Africa or the world!

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More about Bee starter Kits - Save R215!

For R4250, there is everything you need to start beekeeping. This is a massive discount to the actual price of each individual item when bought separately. SAVE R215!

Hobby beekeepers may not have the budget for the full starter kit so if we had to break it down to the lightest budget restraints:

Light starter kits would involve a bee suit, bee smoker, hive tool, bee gloves and at least one bee hive. While sacrificing the other bee hive and the 2 x Queen excluders we would certainly ADD the Beekeeping in South Africa bee book for R360.


Our bee equipment is designed by a beekeeper and is of high quality. Feel free to request products not on our list here to be made available...


We Also Recommend this... Blue book

Beekeeping in South Africa - essential for starting beekeeping & more

This bee book is essential to anyone who wants to start beekeeping!

One gets a massively packed reference material which is written by a South African and edited by a PHD in Botany. Although the bees are of Scutellata species the material and content appplies to all bees around the world especially when it comes to harvesting honey, pests, diseases, apiary management and honey bees.

Add a Bee book to your cart [R365 excl P+P].

hive tool