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Beekeeping Project Management Services


Sustainable development projects through beekeeping

We now offer a new beekeeping consulting and beekeeping project management service for any government, commercial, public-private group, NGO or grant-funded beekeeping projects anywhere in South Africa.

We will train beekeepers, supply beekeeping equipment and support rural beekeeping and commercial beekeeping projects successfully.

We will spend a week or more (as necessary) with the team of trainee beekeepers from the local community or commercial farm. BeeWare will train the team members in all areas of beekeeping including basic business skills.

BeeWare is also able to provide a market for the honey and beeswax produced from the beekeeping projects we help to set up. Even for those we don't set up we have the skills to brand and market quality honey and filtered beeswax.

Bee Project services now available and includes bee site inspection, beekeeper training and assessment, incorporation with going concerns conducting crop farming, orchards and seed production. Find out the benefits of incorporating bees into your commercial or rural community development project.

It's a highly sustainable rural development option! Community and rural development projects are able to benefit from beekeeping projects.

Some beekeeping project benefits:

  • Production of honey
  • Improved crop yield
  • Improved seed yield
  • Production of beeswax
  • Produce Beeswax Candles
  • Produce Niche bee products like:
    • Honey beer
    • Honey wine
    • Soaps, beauty creams and shampoo
    • Candles
  • Enhance biodiversity
  • Sustainable development

Community development projects and rural upliftment projects can appoint BeeWare to assist in providing the training, setup and support for sustainable development through beekeeping.

Call us : 012 771 4288 | 083 308 0042

Are you Hiring?

For a full kit including hive tool, smoker, full bee suit, pvc gloves:
iR1000 per week

Place your order for 'THE' book on beekeeping also known as the Blue Book titled Beekeeping in South Africa. Click on order for more info.


A full bee suit with veil to hire:
R100 per day

Get the equipment. Essential equipment is available from our office in Midrand. Hives, hive tool, protective clothing & smoker make up the need-to-have list. Get Bee suits now!

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