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South African Beekeeping Industry Organisation

Call us : 012 771 4288 | 083 308 0042

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Bee removals
If you need bees removed from water meters, sisal bird houses and so on. A service provided in the Gauteng region. Check the site. Call for an estimate.

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Our Bee Blog

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Practical Beekeeping bee book set

We also run a Sponsorship Project

BeeWare has started to run a project which supports and maintains bee populations as well as educates the common person about beekeeping. We call it the Sponsor-a-Hive project.

Read more about it under the Sponsor-a-Hive link on the left.

Becoming Registered
You can discuss whatever you like about beekeeping in our forum. That is the best part about this website. It is totally customizable to whatever your needs may be. The only recommendation we would insist on is that you become familiar with the legislation regarding honey, beekeeping by-laws and registration. Once the formalities are over we can begin with your beekeeping needs from all kinds of aspects.

Are you Hiring?

For a full kit including hive tool, smoker, full bee suit, pvc gloves & boots:
R1000 per week

Place your order for 'THE' book on beekeeping also known as the Blue Book titled Beekeeping in South Africa. Click on order for more info.

Wax foundation is used to fastrack bees iin comb building. They don't have to worry about building the foundation first as it is already provided.

Beeswax Foundation sheets


A full bee suit with veil to hire:
R100 per day *Deposit required

Full bee suit with veil attached

Get the equipment. Essential equipment is available from our office in Midrand. Hives, hive tool, protective clothing, gloves & smoker make up the need-to-have list. Get bee suits now

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