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Sponsor-a-Hive Project

This is a concept which can end in mutually beneficial harmony. As our apiary grows, we need sites to place new bee hives. The concept isn't new. Beekeeping Associations have been running this type of project for years. See below how it works.

Our aim here is to place bee colonies in sound apiary sites, increase ecological biodiversity and inform as well as educate suburbanites about the African Bee.

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Welcome To the Sponsor-a -hive Project @ No cost to YOU!

The idea works like this: we have excess bee hives for the amount of space we have. We look for alternatives in order to grow numbers without having to grow our own space. There are a number of ways to approach this Project.

You can sponsor a hive on your smallholding and reap a part of the honey that is harvested in return for the placement of the colony on your property. This way, your garden and neighbour's garden will be pollinated, you contribute to micro ecological diversity and enjoy raw honey in the process. There is no financial investment from your side. Just permission and respect of the placement of a bee colony on your property.

Secondly, you can opt to sponsor a hive financially. This way, you invest in the colony and reap the benefits of having a bee hive that belongs to you. Here the beekeeper will manage the hive on your behalf and a large percentage of the honey harvested is split between owner and beekeeper. The hive is always yours. You can become a hobbyist yourself and, in time and after participating in a beekeeping course, build your apiary into a part-time business.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me.

Other products available...
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Got the right tools?

Get a hive tool. There are a few types on offer out there but all do the same job. You can get a spring steel hive tool, mild steel hive tool and stainless steel hive tool. Different strokes for different folks. We use both mild steel and stainless steel hive tools. We are llooking at trying spring steel hive tools soon once the stock arrives.

It looks like a chisel on one end and has a curved edge on the other end. Some have a notch for removing nails and easy storage. Easy to clean and maintain, a hive tool will last you many years. They can be easily mislaid at night so ensure you keep your hive tool in a regular place in relation to the hive(s) you are working. Nothing can worse than finishing on one hive and then moving to the next and finding you cannot recall where you left the hive tool.

They also make useful tools for removing wax moth worms, hive beetles and damaged honeycomb inside the hive. Be sure not to transfer eggs or other diseases however from one hive to another in this way. If you are removing bees, use the hive tool to assist you in transferring brood to the new hive box and cut it to size.

Our full bee suits with veils accommodate the hive tool neatly in a left hand side pocket on the leg. It is a must-have item for all beekeepers.

What do they cost ?

For hive tools this is what you're llooking at. From R70 each.

Spring Steel hive tools

Hive tool

Place your order for 'THE' book on beekeeping also known as the Blue Book titled Beekeeping in South Africa. Click on order for more info.


A mild steel hive tool is usually dark in colour.

Get the beekeeping equipment. Essential equipment is available from our office in Midrand. Hives, hive tool, protective clothing & smoker make up the need-to-have list. Click here

A uncapping knife is used at harvesting time. You get various sizes but below you can see an example...

The Smoker! The honeybee pacifier. One of the best tools for calming an aggressive colony. Whenever working with bees, especially in the brood chamber remember to smoke them.

This is a galvanised smoker with a vinyl bellow. Other smokers are available at higher cost. They are stainless steel versions with leather bellows. Your decision lies with your preference and budget. Galvanised Smoker with heat guard

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