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Honeygate for Beekeepers

Another basic beekeeping tool. Whenever you go to a hive, to inspect internally, you could harvest honey and comb.

The best way to store this honey is in an airtight bucket with a honeygate tap attached to it.

It is good practice to use a honeygate tap as they prevent seepage or leakage from the storage unit as they are specially designed to prevent honey from seeping out of the tap.

The easily help the beekeeper to control honey flow once you want to remove honey from the storage unit. Very little fuss and almost no mess using the honeygate make this a tidy little piece of beekeeping equipment we can all do with!

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Honeygate tap

Honey gate tap made of nylon

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We provide honeygate taps in plastic that assist in no spill storage of honey as well as controlled honey flow when packaging honey.

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For R190, there are different types of honeygate taps. We stock only one type which is nylon and has a 40mm diameter. Stainless steel honeygate taps are also available. They are much more expensive however but do the same job. .

Our equipment is designed by a beekeeper and is of high quality. Feel free to request products not on our list here to be made available...

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Pillow Talk

Good practice includes smoking bees before you start an internal inspection. You can use cardboard, cow dung and pine needles as the accepted favourites. Do not use any material with ink or plastic or any chemically treated fuel. It is wise to keep matches in the cubbyhole or smoker itself.

Some bee smokers have a heat guard and some don't. This is neither here nor there. Be sure to maintain your bee smoker with regular cleaning and careful storage. It should last you many seasons.


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Which Gloves?

The bee smoker - stainless steel with heat guard - R365 each Order Now - NEW stock has arrived!

Small bee smoker with heat guard

Inner Gloves worn inside the PVC glove offer slightly added protection as well as helping to keep sweating down.

Place your order for 'THE' book on beekeeping also known as the Blue Book titled Beekeeping in South Africa. Click on order for more info.


Galvanised smoker with heat guard wire

Get the beekeeping equipment. Essential equipment is available from our office in Midrand. Hives, hive tool, protective clothing & smoker make up the need-to-have list. Click Bee suits

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Small bee smoker with heat guard
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