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This is BeeWare's Jackson Horizontal Hive Logbook

BeeWare would like to introduce the Jackson Horizontal hive logbook for all beekeepers. Below you can find our month-to-month logbook of setting up and using a Jackson Horizontal Hive (referred to as a 'JHH' from now on).
I will report on the start date: 14 June 2006 as well as all of the important dates, events and planned exercises following on from the very beginning.

The Jackson Hive is now Available from BeeWare for a price of R740 per bee hive incl. frames.

Remember the Jackson has 25 FULL frames whereas the Langstroth only has 10 full frames and 10 super frames (equal to only 15 FULL frames)

Wax starter strips provided when in stock.

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You will find pictures of the different events and processes as well as notes & tips to mention as I go along. This is much like an online experiment of what to expect using a JHH.

Jackson Hive Video

Feel free to request experiments. Add recommendations and check my Beekeeping BLOG for even more detailed info.

Welcome To Our JHH Logbook


  • 14 June 2006 - The set up
  • 28 June 2006 - The swarm catching - CLICK HERE
  • 1 August 2006 - 1st Rain but no colony...yet - CLICK HERE
  • 25 October 2006 - We have 2nd & 3rd rain and a Colony - CLICK HERE
  • July 2007 - We have veld fire and all goes up in smoke! Logbook on hold.

  • Welcome To the JHH Logbook - June

  • The Jackson Horizontal hive is based on the top bar hive design however it has some unique modifications.
  • June 14th
  • Jeffrey and I place bricks at the chosen site for placing the JHH. I fetched the JHH and placed it on top of the brick base under a small tree facing North.

    Before I could do this however I placed wax starter strips into the frames.
    Check the picture. I did this using a beeswax candle and thin 2cm wax strips.Wax starter strips on frames The beeswax candle is lit and the melted beeswax embeds the starter strip in the groove under the top bar of the frame. As you can see these are two frames lying side by side which have had wax starter strips added.

    This is an important exercise as it assists the bees to build the comb straight inside the hive. Some beekeepers prefer to use full wax foundation sheets. These come in different sizes as different cells are rolled into the foundation sheets depending on the purpose iit is being used for.

    Brood foundation has a larger cell than that of honey. The Langstroth frames also differ in size as well. Make sure you use the correct foundation sheet for the correct purpose. Brood foundation is for use in the brood chamber only and the same for the honey foundation. Bear in mind that the wax sheet makes comb honey harder to chew.

    Having finished that this is what our site looks like with the JHH placed on to the brick base. Jackson Horizontal Bee Hive site






    This is the JHH bee hive site for the logbook experiment.

    The left hand side of the box is where the entrance is. The white slats are brackets to reinforce the box for when it is full of honey. I can stand on the box and it will easily take my weight. I should take a pic of that before any tenants move in. *note to self*

    The two wooden arms showing on the left-hand-side are the supports running along the top inside of the box. The arms are drilled to be used as points for suspending the box under a tree using wire. The JHH is designed for this purpose as it is creates a more natural site for bees elevated from the ground and easily adjusted to lesson ant, badger and termite distrubance or damage. Most importantly, it could then also be suspended out of human traffic or interference.

    The Jackson hive entrance
    The front slit is the cut entrance.

    I then open the box to reveal the inside frames. Note that they run across the entrance opposite to the concept used in Langstroth hives.

    Inside the Jackson Horizontal Hive
    Now see the full length of the top bars: Note that there is no bee space between the frames. There is a reason for this which I will bring up at a later stage.

    Top view of Jackson Horizontal hive

    Here are the last photos taken with regards to the placement of the hive at the chosen site.

    The Smoker hole on Jackson Horizontal Hive Experiment
    The smoker hole at the back of the JHH. It closes easily.

    Once the JHH is ready for harvesting we will open the bee Smoker hole, place the smokers nozzle inside the box and send 3 puffs of medium smoke into the back of the hive.

    Placing Frames with Wax Starter sheets into JHH

    The final setup and first stage of the JHH Logbook experiment.

    Be sure to check the next insert.




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    Becoming Protected - Use gloves

    Generally, beeekeepers use gloves every time they are at the apiary. You can do an external inspection of a hive which does not require any gear however this is only recommended once you have gained confidence in handling bees and with the appropriate precautions.

    Which Gloves?

    For work with bees which requires a finer tactile control then a leather glove is recommended. Usually used when working with the queen or planning queen-rearing exercises. From R160 a pair

    The Bee Smoker! The honeybee pacifier. One of the best tools for calming an aggressive colony. Whenever working with bees, especially in the brood chamber remember to smoke them. Galvanised Smoker with heat guard


    The Smoker is
    R360 each.

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    Just about any work with bees and the hive can be done using PVC gloves. As mentioned above, it comes down to preference in most instances. One may also like to use inner gloves with these as the pvc tends to make your hands sweat and smell of rubber. From R150 a pair

    PVC Bee Gloves

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