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Bees, Honey & Beekeeping: Updated August 2006
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This is the old outdated section of the website 2009.
can be fun. Some people do it for leisure and free honey and others do it professionally. Either way it's still a great way to get outdoors, meet people and get closer to nature. Check the 'Buy Equipment' section on the right for an idea of what we supply and more.

Galvanised Smoker with heat guard Galvanised Smoker with heat guard on special - Available!

Or if you are only looking for information on keeping bees you can purchase one of our eBooks: Beekeeping - A Practical Guide is the first available title through the website. We will have our own handbook available shortly as a downloadable document at a low fee due to no print costs.

Mail order Bee Journals. The first issue for 2006 has been printed and distributed to all of the up-to-date SABIO members included in the membership fee. If you'd like a copy contact us and we will send them via mail order.

Welcome To Our Site

Here be the place where you can find out more about bees and beekeeping. BeeWare is a company passionate about bees. We love honey. We believe this combination of passion and buzz about bees created a hive of activity in the founders. The company practices beekeeping in Midrand.

You can find information on the by-laws of keeping bees, where to get training on beginner beekeeping, what equipment you need and different products that can be made We have a forum for people to chat and have open discussions on beekeeping and such subjects. The beekeeping industry contributes indirect income of 4.7% of the GDP of South Africa. At least 80% of the country’s fruit and vegetation is pollinated by the African bee. Many fruit growers obtain up to 100% more yield in a crop by utilising the services of beekeepers in the pollination process.

There is currently a domestic shortfall of honey production which means more beekeepers are needed to fill the gap. From hobbyist to commercial farmers, everyone contributes to the industry as well as the protection of bee populations in South Africa.

Our Latest News: 6th September 2009

Midrand Beekeeper's Club Launched!
On the 23rd of August some enthusiastic residents of Midrand got together and held the first beekeeper's club meeting. I opened it and welcomed those present. We had 14 people attending including Hans Blokker of SABIO joined us.

I spoke about the pro's & con's about the Jackson Vs. Langstroth hive and opened the floor for questions & answers. We informally ended at 8:30pm however most people stayed until 10pm discussing bees & drinking coffee.

Our next meet is at Ukuvuna Permiculture, 50 Pretorius Str, Glen Austin, Midrand. It is the road just before Eskom Conference Centre. Drive over at least one speed bump and # 50 is on your left.

Time: 7pm for 7:15pm
Speaker: Manfred Leitner
Date: Wednesday 20th September

Beeswax Foundation sheets Now Available!
BeeWare is carrying stock of Beeswax Foundation sheets. It is time to begin increasing hive numbers by inducing queenless colonies to create emergency queens. It is recommended to provide foundation sheets in this process.

Also recommended at this time, is the removal of old brood comb - normally 2 frames a year - to be replaced by fresh wax foundation. This is a management method to ensure the queen always has sufficient laying space in the brood chamber.

Be sure to place the new foundation sheets in the middle of the brood chamber at frame 5 & 6 and move the remaining frames outwards.

Our beeswax foundation sheets are available at the shop. Each foundation sheet is R12-00 with a minimum order of 10 at a time.

We are starting a Beekeeping Club in Midrand - JOIN US!
After numerous requests and interest from people using the site, I decided it was time to action an idea I have had for months. Jeanette Bradley is acting secretary for the club until we hold the first meeting to establish the members. John Nzira is sponsoring the venue and is a permiculturist by profession.

Look out for details in the Midrand Reporter as well. However, to ensure that the best possible awareness is made of the launch of the Midrand Beekeeper's Club, we will provide the details here.

Date: 23rd of August
Time: 6:30 for 7:00pm until 8:30pm
Venue: 50 Pretorius Street (Just after ADT), Glen Austin, Midrand

NOTE: Near the Eskom Conference Centre en route to the Licensing Department from Midrand's CBD. Look out for Tango's Tots Creche on the right.

The purpose of this beekeper's club is to enable all those whom are interested in bees to learn more about them. To provide a place of learning and point of contact for the city and the public with regard to bee removals, gaining access to raw honey and so on.

Beeware will also be making beekeeping equipment available at meetings for beginners and experienced beekeepers alike.

We will invite speakers and hold field day excursions for the public and members in order to nurture the relationship between bees and people.

For more info, contact us at

We are now taking Mail Orders for SABIO Bee journals. If you would like a copy please email These are published for and on behalf of SABIO members. The South African Beekeeping Industry Organisation manages the registration of beekeepers and assist in dissemination of laws, regulations, information and surveys for example. The Bee Journals are printed quarterly and are a vital source of industry knowledge and insight. If you would like back copies or the first issue for 2006 contact me.

We have added an eBook to the site. It is titled, "Beekeeping - A Practical Guide" - click here for more info.

Check out our new Jackson Horizontal Experiment Logbook section.
We are starting a logbook of the JHH experiment which is going to take you on a journey with us using a Jackson Horizontal hive. We have never used one before and so we are going to share the experience with you as we set up, start and progress throughout the process of developing a new colony and managing it.

We will provide some guidelines and feedback as we go along. Also check out our Beekeeping Blog for more info as well from time to time. We will take photos at stages and events so keep an eye out for these.

Feel free to provide feedback and or ask us to try something out while this experiment runs.

We have put together a Starter Kit Package and pricing

Beeware has had a number of enquiries from all parts of South Africa with regards to start up kits and equipment. Look no further. Below you will find the link to the Starter Kit Package page which lists the suggested equipment and tools you will need to kick start your beekeeping career or hobby.

This is a guideline for hobby beekeepers in the main however it is comprehensive with some hints and tips regarding extraction methods etc which may assist people with medium to large projects in mind.

Don't forget about BeeCon which started today and runs until Friday. There are also two different types of hives suggested in the starter kits. The reason for this is that BeeWare is nwo a distributor of the lessor known but more efficient Jackson Horizontal hive. It would certainly make a good case for a new beekeeper to begin with over the better known Langstroth bee hive for various reasons.

We will be bringing a series of experiments about the Jackson Horizontal hive over the next few weeks and months. Be sure to watch this section and check the Beekeeping Blog as well.

What Next?
For registering as a beekeeper whether you have one hive or 1000, it's important. Get the paperwork at SABIO. R250 per annum.

Place your order for 'THE' book on beekeeping also known as the Blue Book titled Beekeeping in South Africa. Click on order for more info. R260-00 a copy.

  Join an association. There are a number of good beekeeping associations around Gauteng and the country. They meet often and provide invaluable information and practical days for members.

Get the equipment. Essential equipment is available from our office in Midrand. Hives, hive tool, protective clothing & smoker make up the need-to-have list. Click here

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Our OLD News:

May 2006
We have good news. has added a Blog to the site. It includes our first blog about a bee removal conducted on 14th of May 2006. There will be many more contributions over the weeks and months ahead.

Also look out on the "Event Calendar" as there will be listings of events such as our basic beekeeping course for hobbyist and beginners. Feel free to ask us questions through the Blog and soon we will be adding surveys about beekeeping and the industry etc.

Bee Sure to attend the BeeCon in the Western Cape in 7-9th of June. A number of beekeeping associations and industry players will be on hand.


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