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Directions - GPS: S 25.87756 E 028.17355

wax foundation sheets

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Practical Beekeeping - Beginners Guide


We are searching for LOCAL Beeswax that has been refined or filtered in bulk quantities.

Can you help? Directions - GPS: S 25.87756 E 028.17355

Your honeybees generate around 5Kg of bees wax per annum if you are harvesting twice a year as well as conducting regular maintenance of the brood chamber.

We are looking for local bees wax preferably in lots of 5 or 10Kg per block.

We buy SA Bees Wax.

Call Now to make arrangements.

We sell Beeswax foundation sheets @ R26 a sheet

Minimum order is 10 sheets. Postage is not included.

It is local rolled pure beeswax for brood frames.

Shop on 012 771 4288 and 012 757 5538

Call us : Shirley on 083 308 0042

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Start with a brood chamber, 10 frames with wax foundation, a base and a lid. One can go the whole hog and get the full deal. The complete assembled hive. REMEMBER!

This does not include the queen excluder - SOLD SEPARATELY.

You can expect to have foundation wax strips in both chambers, 10 frames per chamber. You can use creosote to treat your hives. You can also use Bitumen Silver Enamel paint. Or do both. Be sure to use the correct creosote as some do contain contaminants.

We have opted for the Waxall treatment of our hives. This means the hives are dunked into a vat of melted bees wax and submerged for 3 minutes. The closest method to having a natural hive and the best as far as food grade honey goes.

Also leave your hives to dry and air properly before transferring a colony into it. Frames usually come standard. You can make your own. Do not treat these. You can and it is recommended that you put wax foundation sheets on the frames. You can also use Pollen traps and feeders with your hives. Feeders are used while wintering your colonies. It is also important that your frames have wire. These offer support to the wax comb when fully built and assists when inspecting hives to stabilise comb.

A queen bee excluder is necessary in the Langstroth bee Hive as it prevents the queen from moving between the brood and super chambers. Thus you have brood in the bottom chamber and surplus honey in the super chamber. Workers can move easily between the metal wire.

The Jackson bee hive utilises a different approach when it comes to managing the brood and honey storage. The Jackson hive has shown up to 30% more yield however when compared to Langstroth hives.

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Check the two photos below to see the different styles.

What do they cost ?

For a fully assembled Langstroth bee hive (excl. queen excluder) R990 each Langstroth bee hive

Brood frames with wax foundation sheets and wire Feeders for wintering or during dearth periods

Place your order for 'THE' book on beekeeping also known as the Blue Book titled Beekeeping in South Africa. Click on order for more info.

A Jackson hive
(queen excluder not required)
Jackson Hive for R450

Jackson Horizontal hive is discontinued

Queen Excluder - aluminium type is R100 and now available!

Super frames with wax foundation and wire

Get the equipment. Essential equipment is available from our office in Midrand. Hives, hive tool, protective clothing & smoker make up the need-to-have list. Click here

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Langstroth Bee hive

Langstroth bee hive
R990 waxalled,wax stripped and wired. No queen excluder(R100)!


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